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No version of integrate4 is playable with two players anymore

23 December 2004
visual linux version(v0.1) is ready to download
16 December 2004
console win32(v0.2): now engine has artificial intelligence so you can play with computer
16 July 2004
console win32(v0.1): first release. it is playable with 2 players

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What is integrate4?
Integrate4 is a connect 4 game. It is playable againist to computer now.
In fact, it is an engine that supports properties such as checking the game for endings or if column is playable or not.
For now, Integrate4 is a package that has game and engine. It is open source software under GPL. This means you can freely distribute or use this program.

Visual win32 version is under development. It will support multiplayer.


console win32(v0.2)
visual linux(v0.1)

console win32
visual linux


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